Al-Razi Hospital in Ahwaz, the capital, announced its inability in receiving more Covid-19 patients

The administration of Al-Razi Hospital in the capital city of Ahwaz, which is designated to deal with Covid-19 cases, announced the inability of its both non-intensive and intensive units to receive more patients.

And according to the hospital’s statement, the unprecedented increase in the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths has been above the initial infection outbreak.

Therefore, due to the escalation of new Covid-19 cases as well as deaths in the city of Abadan, the University of Medical Sciences in Abadan has allocated three additional hospitals to deal with the infection outbreak.

Activists in social media criticized the occupation officials’ negligence concerning the  precautionary measures needed to prevent the virus spread in wedding parties’ halls in the city of Al-Aqiliyah.

Moreover, activists indicated that the failure to apply the rules of social distancing, and to allow gatherings despite the outbreak of Corona infection, reflects the occupation authorities’ indifference to the lives of Ahwazi people.

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