Ahwazis pay tribute to the struggle of the leaders and members of the Arab Struggle Movement detained in Copenhagen


Ahwazi activists paid tribute to the struggle of the leaders and members of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz, Mr. Habib Jaber, Mr. Yaqoub Hur Al-Tastari, and Mr. Nasser Jaber, after one year of their detention in Copenhagen.

The activists inside and outside of the occupied Al-Ahwaz have expressed their pride concerning the steadfastness of the movement’s leaders. And praised their honorable struggle history in resisting and confronting the Iranian occupation at all levels.

The Iranian occupation state has exercised political and diplomatic pressure on the Danish authorities, and fabricated false accusations against them. Hence, this resulted in their detention one year ago under the pending investigation, which is still going on.

And at the time when Ahwazi activists praised the release of journalist and movement member Issa Mahdi Al-Fakher, friends and supporters of the movement in the Association of Parliamentarians for Al-Ahwaz, sent requests to the Danish government. They have demanded the government to immediately release the detained movement’s leaders, and avoid any kind of engagement with the occupation’s projects that aims to destroy the Ahwazi case.

Hence, Ahwazna channel called on all free media professionals to support the campaign calling for the immediate release of the channel’s former director, the journalist Yaqoub Hurr Al-Tastari.

The channel pointed out the nature of the media role played by Yaqoub Harr al-Tastari, and highlighted the need to avoid the kind of restriction relating to media freedom. Also, respecting the right of expression, which is supported by the laws of civilized countries, as part of general human freedom.

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