Ahwazi factions call on the Danish judiciary to immediately release the Ahwazi Copenhagen detainees


Through a joint statement by Ahwazi factions including, The Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz, the Ahwazi Democratic Front and The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front, the Danish judiciary was called to immediately release the three Copenhagen detainees, the former head of the Arab Struggle Movement, Mr. Habib Jaber, and the former director of Ahwazna channel Yaqoub Harr Al-Tastari, and a member of the movement, Nasser Jaber.

In a statement the Ahwazi factions conveyed the following message ” The detention of our comrades is a flagrant violation of international laws, and incentivize the Iranian terrorist regime to commit more crimes against the Ahwazis and other opponents of the Iranian regime”.

The statement pointed out that “Prolonging the investigation without taking into account the detainees right to practice their normal lives for a whole year, and strictly concealing the course of the investigation raises concerns about the possibility of political and security motives to be involved in course of this case.”

In a related context, the Al-Ahwaz Organization for the Defense of Human Rights called on the Danish government to reconsider the issue of the detention of leaders and members of the Arab struggle movement.

The organization pointed out that establishing any understandings with the Iranian regime is considered to be an alignment with the largest sponsor of terrorism around the world. Also, the organization called on international human rights organizations, Amnesty International and human rights organizations to urgently intervene and demand the immediate release of the Copenhagen detainees.

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