The increased Covid-19 cases in Mashour and Al-Khalafiyeh, amid  shortage of beds in hospitals


The head of the Mashour Health Center, Muhammed Shanbadi, acknowledged that the number of Covid-19 cases has dramatically increased in the city, pointing to the severe shortage of beds needed to treat critically ill patients.

Shanbadi indicated that the number of cases has increased triply in a short period of time, which led to a complete deficit in securing beds. Also, he warned about the possibility of facing the spread of infection in the city, similar to what happened last year. Hence, he highlighted the role of medical teams, which are subjected to double pressure due to the increased number of cases.

On her side, Fatma Norouzian, a spokeswoman for the University of Medical Sciences in Geroun, said that both of Jism and Qais islands, and the port of Linja have moved to the orange position in relation to the outbreak of Covid-19 infection.

Meanwhile, the Health Department in the city of Al-Khalafiyah, announced that the rates of Covid-19 infection have increased during the past few days, amid a state of officials’s general laxity in applying the precautionary measures.

Thus, citizens have complained about neglecting the application of the curfew in the city, as well as the continued congestion and gatherings in front of gas cylinders distribution stores, shops of   cooking oil sellers,   and public services offices.

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