protests erupt in various areas of the occupied Al-Ahwaz, as a result of the occupation’s arbitrary policies against labours and craftsmen 


Protests erupted in different areas of Al-Ahwaz against the occupation’s arbitrary policies towards Ahwazi craftsmen and workers. Fundamentally, they revealed that the occupation institutions deliberately relies on settlers to fulfill available job opportunities, and consequently ignores the qualified Ahwazi applicants.

Furthermore, fishermen in the city of Ghasbah Al-Nassar, complained about the complexity of procedures management in Muhammarah ports. They highlighted the occupation’ intention in restricting both fishing boats as well as goods’ transportation, under the pretext of preventing smuggling.

Activists believed that the reason behind  restricting the movement of fishing boats and limiting their owners, is to destroy their livelihoods. Actually, these boats are regularly inspected and thus using anti-smuggling as a pretext cannot prevent them from practicing their fishing and trade activities.

Furthermore, almost three hundred workers from the industrial, services and  administrative departments in the Mashour Petrochemicals, have protested against the administration’s failure in providing a safe working environment. Thus, they called for an increase in salaries, and addressed their issues with the temporary employment contracts. Especially those who have been working for several years without obtaining a permanent work contract. Since it has exacerbated their suffering due to the denial of social security, unstable work environment, and being prevented from career advancement.

Also, a number of Ahwazi retirees gathered in front of the Social Insurance Building, in Al-Ahwaz, the capital, and demanded an increase in their salaries due to the current economic downturn and the high inflation level. They have claimed that their current salaries are barely enough for several days of the month, and hence they expect their salaries to increase in proportion to the real inflation rates.

Additionally, a number of residents in Al-Howaizah, gathered in front of the occupation’s deputy representative building, and protested against the settlers’ dominance over employment in oil refineries. Also, complained about the Ahwazis exclusion from these job opportunities.

The Ahwazi youth claimed that they fulfill all the conditions required. However, the discrimination policy pursued by the occupation authorities excludes them and favors the settlers.

Ali Akbar Bastami, deputy speaker in parliament, appointed by the occupation in the city of Elam, admitted that the poverty rate in the city has risen to fifty-three percent.

Bastami added that Ahwazi people, except the pollution, have not got their share from the oil and gas companies operating in the Elam city. Especially that these companies refrain from employing Ahwazis, and giving the  priority to settlers.

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