The occupation authorities prevents the Ahwazi prisoner, Reda Ajrash, to receive the necessary treatment, and arrests Hassan Al-Sari from his home


Al-Ahwazi Coordination Committees, stated that the occupation authorities prevented the Ahwazi prisoner Reda Ajrash from receiving treatment despite his deteriorating health condition.

The committees added that Ajrash needs an eye surgery, and according to the prison doctor’s statement, the prisoner needs to perform the surgery as soon as possible. However, the occupation authorities prevented him from receiving treatment, and deliberately increasing his pain and health suffering.

Furthermore, private sources told Ahwazna TV Channel that the occupation intelligence raided the house of a thirty-eight-years old Ahwazi citizen, Hassan Abdul-Jalil Al-Sari. They Arrested him and  subsequently took him to an unknown destination.

The sources added that intelligence agents raided other homes belonging to Al-Sari’s relatives in the same area.

It is revealed that the occupation security forces arrested Hassan Abdul-Jalil earlier during the April Uprising which occurred in 2015. He spent several months in the occupation prisons before he was released by financial documents.

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