Medical sciences admitted the lack of beds in Al-Razi Hospital, and closure of entrances to Abu Shar


Farhad Aboul Nejadian, the president of the University of Medical Sciences in Al-Ahwaz, the capital, acknowledged the inadequacy of beds available for Covid-19 patients in Al-Razi hospital.

Nejadian indicated that the recent increase in the number of cases has caused great pressure, and exceeded the hospital’s ability to treat the critically ill patients.

Hence, due to the increased Covid-19 cases and escalation in the number of deaths, the occupation authorities have closed all entrances to Abu Shahr.

Accordingly, activists highlighted the region’s openness to tourists and visitors coming from the northern Persian cities, and their contribution  in increasing the spread of infection in the occupied Al-Ahwaz. They also indicated the impact of these visits on the entire southern region, especially cities of Abu Shahr and Geroun.

Moreover, activists pointed out the occupation officials’ silence in regard to these visits, and their neglectfulness in conducting the needed tests, which ensure if visitors are free of viruses.

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