The Health Center In Northern Al-Ahwaz admits the increased rate of deaths from Coronavirus by 52% this week 


The head of the health center in northern Al-Ahwaz, Mohammed Alawi, acknowledged the increased rate of deaths due to Covid-19 virus this week by 52% compared to last week.

Alawi added that the rate of new cases has increased by 75% percent, compared to last week. And that the hospitals’ occupancy rate has risen by 65%, indicating that these statistics are worrying and do not bode well.

In a related context, the President of the University of Medical Sciences in Abadan, Shokrollah Salman Zadeh, confirmed that the number of new cases in cities of Abadan, Al-Muhammarah and Al-Fallahiyah has increased fivefold in the last 24 hours.

Zadeh added that 251 cases have been recorded in those cities, including 63 in Abadan, 35 in Al-Muhammarah, and 180 in Al-Fallahiyah.

And based on the university’s data, the test center has indicated the presence of the new UK mutated strain of Covid-19, in the cities of Abadan, Muhammarah and Al-Fallahiyah.

And accordingly a video by activists went viral on social media, highlighting the transfer of a number of Covid-19 patients from hospitals in Ahwaz, the capital, to other hospitals due to their inability in receiving more patients.

Furthermore, the patients’ families criticized the patients transportation methods, as hospitals have not provided the ambulatory care facilities in the process of transporting them. And instead they informed families to transport the patients by using taxis.

Also, residents in the capital city, Al-Ahwaz,  expressed their dissatisfaction with the crowds of people in front of public services offices in the city, despite the increase in the number of new cases.

Moreover, the residents criticized the failure of these offices to implement the rules of social distancing, while the offices’ visitors blamed the employees for the slowdown in completing their transactions. As this has resulted in creating crowds in front and inside these offices, despite the outbreak of the pandemic.

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