The increased number of Coronavirus victims in Abadan, Muhammarah, and Al-Fallahiyah, and infections of 7 students in Elam


The President of Medical Sciences University in Abadan, Shokrolla Salman Zadeh acknowledged the high numbers of infections and deaths by the Covid-19 in the cities of Abadan, Muhammarah and Al-Falahiyah.

Zadeh clarified that in the past twenty-four hours, twenty-two cases of infections were recorded in these cities, including seven in Abadan, four in Muhammarah, and eleven in Al-Fallahiya, in addition to thirty-seven cases receiving treatment at Taleghani Hospital in Abadan.

Ahwazi activists claimed the rise in Covid-19 cases is beyond what was announced by the University, especially that during last week authorities have permitted the holding of religious ceremonies.

Meanwhile, media sources reported the infection of seven students with Covid-19 during the past ten days in the city of Elam.

This comes after the Occupation Ministry of Education’s insistence on reopening schools, despite the high number of Covid-19 infections.

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