The occupation forces executes three Ahwazi citizens within two days in Hor Al-Howaizeh and Al-Fallahiyah


Private sources reported to Ahwazna channel, that the occupation forces executed three Ahwazi citizens in Hor al-Howiazeh and al-Fallahiyah during the past two days.

The sources stated that live ammunition was fired at the Al-Ahwazi citizen, Nabi Al-Halfi, who was immediately martyred. The occupation police in Al-Falahiyah also shot the Ahwazi citizens, Rasul Abbas Al-Gharabat and Ibrahim Al-Aboudi without any valid justification..

And following the executions against the Al-Falahiyah citizens, the police forced the families of the two young men to sign a document stating that the two martyrs had been killed unintentionally. Since they have been threatened them to arrest and imprison some of their family members.

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