The occupation authorities impose  quarantine on 3 villages in Geron and ease the precautionary measures in Al Quneitra. 


The anti-Covid19 health authority in Geron imposed  general quarantine for one week in both villages of Maragh and Bustano belonging to Lenja district.

Additionally, authorities imposed one week quarantine in the village of Al-Omani and Qamandiya district due to the increased Covid-19 cases.

Meanwhile the Ahwazi activists have criticized the failure of the occupation’s representatives in the city of Quneitra, due to their irresponsibility in prohibiting the funeral ceremonies, despite the outbreak of the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Actually, a video showed the participation of large numbers citizens in a funeral ceremony held in the city of Quneitra. And accordingly, people confirmed the officials’ negligence in applying the precautionary measures required to prevent the further spread of virus. As, both weddings and funerals ceremonies are still permitted and despite the increased number of Covid-19 cases, but the city’s main entrances are remained openned.


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