The terrorist Revolutionary Guard runs convoys of darkness in Geron despite the Covid-19 outbreak


The terrorist Revolutionary Guards Militia announced the conduct of the so-called “convoys of light” processions, which the Ahwazis call the convoys of darkness in Geron, south of Ahwaz.

Colonel Hassan Sanat Karan, the coordination officer in the terrorist Revolutionary Guard Militia in Geron, revealed that there will be two trips conducted in the coming days. This will be with the participation of about 7,500 school students in Geron Island and Arak,  despite the Coronavirus outbreak in southern Ahwaz.

As It was revealed the terrorist Revolutionary Guards militia have begun a massive mobilization process to seize the Ahwazi lands, through conducting a convoy called the “dark” light convoys.

Through this process, the Guards aim to mobilize a greater number of Basij and Revolutionary Guards pioneers and bring them to the Ahwazi lands, in order to delude them that they are Persian lands. And consequently to be able to implant this idea in the minds of their future generations.

Every year, the Revolutionary Guard Corps deliberately sends convoys after convoys with the purpose of developing this dangerous sectarian Persian project.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in recent years has allocated huge financial budgets to the aggressive “dark” convoys project. This project has led tens of thousands of Persians from the various Persian provinces and cities to come to Ahwaz, specifically to the areas where the war between Iran and Iraq took place.

Furthermore, the Revolutionary Guard through the establishment of such festivals and several other sectarian projects, aims to psychologically implant memories of war in the mind of the new generations. And thus delude the Persian people that these Arab lands belong to them. And that  they have made great sacrifices to prevent the invasion of Ahwaz lands by Iraq. Additionally, misleading their people that Ahwazi resistance has targeted the buses that transport these occupiers, and thus has inflicted heavy human and material losses on them.

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