The occupation pursues a policy that leads to water pollution in regions of Ahwaz 


The occupation is pursuing a policy that pollutes the drinking water in various regions of Ahwaz. This severely affects the health of Ahwazi people, and is deliberately applied to force people to migrate from their own lands.

It was revealed through a viral video, that sewage waste leaks into the Dujail River, where the drinking water purification plant is located in the city of Muhammarah.

The residents accused the official’s failure in dealing with such disaster, as they caused more waste to leak into the riverbed, pollute the environment, reduce fish wealth, and consequently threaten the health of citizens.

In a related context, environmental activists circulated a video clip showing the accumulation of silt and the growth of weeds due to the formation of mud islands in the river basin. Also, the dams that are built on the river, beside neglecting their periodic cleaning processes have also contributed to this disaster.

The Secretary of the Health Council of Ahwaz, the capital, Mahran Ahmady Baloutki, stated that between 50 and 60 percent of drinking water samples in the suburbs of Ahwaz, the capital, have been proven to be contaminated with impurities and dust.

Baloutki added that nearly all drinking water samples in the city of Ahwaz, the capital, proved unfit for drinking, as a result of worn out network pipes and neglecting their periodic maintenance.

In the meantime, residents of the Ismailia district of Ahwaz, the capital, also complained about the worn out pipes that transport drinking water in the vicinity of the water purification plant in the district. Additionally, the station’s deterioration from inside as well as its outdated equipment have been contributing to this disaster.

The residents indicated that the equipment inside the station is 25 years old, and was not subject to any renewal or maintenance. Therefore, this has caused the accumulation of pollutants, and transformation of the drinking water purification plant to a focus of virus infection, especially the hepatitis virus.


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