The occupation police continue to arrest Ahwazi activists in the Malashya neighborhood


The Ahwaz Coordination Committees reported that they obtained new information about the cyber arrests of the occupation police, concerning the Ahwazi activists in the Malashya neighborhood of Ahwaz, the capital.

The committees announced that the following five activists have been arrested; Muhammad Ahyal Haidari and Nabi Abd El-Sadeh Badawi, and the two brothers Abdullah, Adnan Karim Silawi and Imad Farhan Abdel-Haidari. These arrests have been due the background of their advocacy posts on social media platforms.

The committees denounced the policy of silencing and preventing the Ahwazis from expressing their ideas even through social media, which constitutes a flagrant violation of human rights and further limits public freedoms.

In another context, the Iranian occupation security forces arrested the Ahwazi poet Abbas Beshara Amouri from his home in the city of Abadan.

Private sources reported to Ahwazna, that the occupation security forces raided the house of the poet Amouri and tampered with its contents. They have also confiscated his mobile phone, without mentioning any accusation against him, and subsequently took him to an unknown destination.

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