Discrimination Against Petrochemical Workers & Suppression Of Workers At The Asminon Mine Company


Workers of the Fajr Petrochemical Company, in the city of Maashour, complained that they were subjected to racial discrimination, on a daily basis, in favor of settler workers.

The workers revealed that the director of the company, Ghulam Ali Zal Khani, intends to provide settlers permanent work contracts. And, despite Ahwazis’ many years of work experience and commitment, they are only provided with temporary contracts.

The workers added that Khani practices fraud against Arab workers. For instance, the nominate some of applicants in Maashour to administrative positions, however, a document obtained by the workers revealed that the administration appointed settlers to these positions. And noteworthy, this happened before the official date that the Arab workers were informed about.

Activists circulated a video clip showing the preparations of the occupation security forces to suppress the protests of the Asminon miners. Actually, these activities have been continuing for several days, inside the military base in the port city of Jeron.

Activists confirmed that the occupation security forces received orders from the highest officials, to prevent the continuation of the protests.

It is worth mentioning, that several days ago the miners went on strike, and gathered to protest against their delayed salaries. Also, they demanded for the improvement of their working conditions, and changing the company’s management, which practices security intimidation against the workers.

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