Human Rights Activists Denounce The Torture Of Ahwazi Prisoners In The Prisons Of The Occupation


Ahwazi human rights activists have condemned the crimes of the Iranian occupation authorities, against the Ahwazi prisoners. As these  prisoners are Continuously subjected to psychological and physical torture, without allowing international human rights organizations to have access to their conditions.

Thus, Ahwazi human rights sources confirmed that each of the prisoners: Muhammed Ali Amouri, Mukhtar Alboushoka, and Qasim Sanjari were subjected to psychological and physical torture in Ahwaz Central Prison located in Sheiban town. And noteworthy their relatives were prevented from visiting and checking on them.

Furthermore, the activists indicated that the administration of Sheiban prison treats all the prisoners, who are sentenced to life imprisonment in a very vengeful manner. Even though their accusations are just related to their participation in national and cultural activities.

The sources stated that the three prisoners had been transferred since the end of April, to an unknown place. And that their fate may not be disclosed by the authorities.

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