The Occupation Continues The Campaign Of Raids & Arrests In Several Ahwazi Regions


Private sources reported to Ahwazna TV, that the occupation security forces have continued their raids and arrests campaign in several Ahwazi areas.

The sources indicated that the occupation security forces arrested the young man, Mojtaba Al Silawi, from the Koura neighborhood, north of Ma’ashur, after raiding his home.

In a related context, large security forces stormed the Al Thawra neighborhood, west of Ahwaz, the capital, and arrested the activists, Hamza Al Jaldawi, and Malik Hasan Shatti, and took them to an unknown place.

In the Al Zawya neighborhood, north of Ahwaz, the capital, the occupation forces continued the arrests campaign that has been going on for 4 days, against the backdrop of the Ahwazi procession in the Eid celebrations. Furthermore,  due to an Ahwazi mother tribute regarding her two martyred sons, Muhammad and Ali Al Tamimi, in addition to the activist Ali Abboud Al Shamkhani, who was known among the detainees.

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