The Occupation Arrests The Mother Of The Two Martyrs Al Tamimi, After Paying Tribute To Her Sons


Private sources reported to Ahwazna TV, that the occupation security forces continued their raids and arrests campaign in Al Zawya neighborhood, north of Ahwaz, the capital.

The sources stated that large forces of the Revolutionary Guard and Basij terrorist militia completed the arrests yesterday, after the arrest of the mother of the two martyrs Muhammed and Ali Al Tamimi, along with four young well-wishers. Also, among them the identity of two new detainees were declared as follows: Amin Amir Al Hatami and Hamid Hussein Al Mazraa.

It is worth mentioning that these arrests came against the background of the Eid processions, which gathered at the home of the mother of the two martyrs, Al Tamimi. Their purpose was  to praise and bless the martyrs, however, there has not been any justification for the mentioned arrests.

Furthermore, large forces of the Revolutionary Guard and Basij terrorist militia raided the house of the two martyrs early Sunday morning. They indicated that the reasons for the arrest of Mrs. Badriya came against the backdrop of her reception of these visitors. As she received them on the morning of the first day of Eid Al Fitr, where well-wishers performed national chants and shot bullets.

Accordingly, a video clip showed Mrs. Badriya Al Hamidawi, raising a rifle and firing bullets, in tribute to the well-wishers.

In the related context, the sources added that the occupation forces had arrested 3 brothers, Hassan, Hadi and Mohsen Ramadan Al Hizbawi and their cousin Jamil Lafta Al Hizbawi, as a result of their participation in the mentioned event.

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