The Occupation Expands The Arrests In Al Fallahiyah And The Coasts Of Kanaan Port


Occupation security forces launched a campaign of raids and arrests in Al Fallahiyah district, against the backdrop of holding Eid celebrations during the days of Eid Al Fitr.

The representative of the occupation ruler in the Fallahiyah district, Omid Sabri Pour, approved the arrest of a number of Ahwazis, on charges of holding Eid celebrations. Accordingly, he declared that everyone who organizes these kinds of celebrations will face severe punishment.

Meanwhile, Ahwazi activists believed that the occupation authorities permit people to hold Nowruz rituals and celebrations, while they prevent Ahwazis from celebrating the blessed Eid Al Fitr. They deliberately favor the Persian culture and customs, at the expense of this Islamic event. Thus, this reflects their racism and discrimination against the Arab Ahwazi people.

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