The Occupation Arrests The Ahwazi Activist Zahra Al Kaabi from her home in Maashour


Ahwaz Coordination Committees reported that the occupation security forces arrested the Ahwazi activist and photographer, Zahra Berati Al Kaabi, from her home in the city of Maashour.

The Coordination Committees stated that the occupation security forces, raided the house of the 35-year-old activist Zahra, and tampered with the contents of the house. They confiscated her phone with a computer, in addition to her camera, under the pretext of not obtaining official permission to photograph. Additionally, they took her to an unknown place.

It is noteworthy that the activist Zahra played a prominent role in covering the November uprising in 1919, where she photographed key facts of killings and repression of protesters. She had an important role in documenting the historical and archaeological sites of Ahwaz, and publishing them on her own page in Instagram.

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