Workers’ protests spread in various cities of Ahwaz, due to economic  deterioration and discrimination 


Hundreds of petrochemical company’s workers gathered in Shams Al Arab city, in front of the company’s building, to protest against the  administration’s discriminatory policy in favoring settlers.

The workers added that the company’s management grants the settlers privileges and important jobs, but deprives the Ahwazi workers from accessing these jobs.

Activists emphasized that the company’s management followed the same racist policy in appointing settlers, and excluding Ahwazi applicants for these jobs. As this policy proves the officials’ methodology in dismissing Ahwazi workers, through depriving them of their most basic legitimate rights.

Additionally, a number of Salehiyah municipality workers gathered in front of the administration building in the city, to protest against their delayed salaries for eleven months.

The workers pointed out their deteriorating economic conditions as a result of pending salaries, which has been amid the wave of increasing commodities’ prices.

Also, a number of firefighters gathered in the city of Abadan, in front of the municipality building, and similarly responded to the administration’s negligence in paying their salaries for several months.

A video clip showed protesting workers laying empty food tables to express their poor living conditions.

One of the workers told Ahwazna channel that they are no longer able to secure the minimum needs of their families, indicating that the workers will continue their strike until the management responds to their demands.

Also, a large number of retirees of the Ahwaz Oil Company gathered in the capital city in front of the social insurance offices, to protest against the management’s negligence in improving their pension salaries.

A large number of Arjan municipality workers gathered in front of the city council building, to demand for their unpaid salaries since the last several months.

The workers confirmed that officials had promised them several times to pay their salaries, but they continuously postponed the payments, despite their deteriorating economic conditions.

The residents of Muhammarah also complained about the presence of large potholes on the coastal road, impeding the movement of pedestrians and causing frequent traffic accidents.

The residents added that the municipality of Muhammarah ignores the process of leveling and paving the roads, despite residents’ repeated complaints in this regard.

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