Rapid increase of Covid-19 infection rate and deaths in Northern and Southern Ahwaz



Most cities in Ahwaz have witnessed widespread spread of Covid-19 infection among adults and young people in the north and south of the country.

The President of the University of Medical Sciences in the city of Abadan, Shokrollah Salman Zadeh, announced that 7 people died during the past 24 hours.

Zadeh explained that 3 of these deaths were recorded in Abadan, 2 in Muhammarah, and 2 in Fallahiyah. Additionally, he indicated that 164 new cases were recorded in the three cities, of which 99 were in Abadan, 55 in Muhammarah, and 10 cases were detected in Fallahiyah.

The Health Department in the city of Maashour acknowledged that 65 percent of people who undertake the “PCR” test are diagnosed with the Coronavirus infection.

The department clarified that the rapid increase of Coronavirus infections threaten the health condition in the city. Therefore, he called on authorities to close the city’s crossings as well as to suspend the movement of vehicles.

The director of Abudhar Children’s Hospital in Ahwaz, the capital, Mohsen Ali Samir, said that the hospital receives between 15 to 20 children infected with Coronavirus on a daily basis.

Samir indicated that 570 cases have been already recorded and 16 children have died, since the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020 until  now. He  confirmed that there are 9 children available in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), amid the high rate of hospital’s reception of children infected with Covid-19.

In a related context, Fatima Nouzian, the spokeswoman for the University of Medical Sciences in Geron, announced that 59 new cases of the mutated Coronavirus were recorded in the city, during the past 24 hours. Hence, this brought the total number of infections with the mutated virus to 358 cases.

Nouzian added, that most of the infection cases are detected in ports and islands, and specifically revealed the death of a 65-year-old woman in Jumair port. And which brought the total deaths in Geron to 1406 cases. She confirmed that the number of new Covid-19 cases has tripled during the past 48 hours.

Activists believe that the focus of infections in the ports and islands are due to the Persians’ tourists. They highlighted that tourists spreaded the infection during their tourism in this region. This has been in the midst of a complete absence of medical examination procedures required to detect the new mutated virus, which is strongly characterized by its speed of transmission.

Meanwhile, the Health Department in the Port of Lenja announced the detection of 19 new cases of the mutated Coronavirus during the past 24 hours.

The department stated that the total number of infections in the city rose to 67, including 30 cases in the hospitals’ Intensive Care Units, in addition to the presence of 30 other cases, who are below the level of danger.

Furthermore, with regard to vaccinations, the Health Department in Northern Ahwaz, announced the allocation of 137 doses of the Corona vaccine imported from Russia, to members of the medical teams in Fallahiyah hospitals.

However, the workers in the medical teams criticized the lack of vaccinations, despite the high rate of infection in Fallahiyah city. As they considered this a disregard for their lives, especially since after of them were infected with the virus.

Ahwazi activists also criticized the Quneitra hospitals, due to throwing the clothes of medical teams, the infected patients and those deceased on the city’s streets, despite the high risk of transmission among the citizens.

Activists emphasized that throwing these clothes, is a major reason behind the rapid increase in the infection rate. And especially that the failure of hospital management to control their waste, has led to the transformation of Medya streets into real hotbeds of this dangerous infection.


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