The Occupation Terrorizes The Family Of An Ahwazi Teacher After His Arrest In the capital, Ahwaz


Ahwazi human rights sources reported that the Iranian occupation security forces repeatedly intimidated members of the family of the prominent Ahwazi teacher, Falah Saddam Abdullah Al Haidari, less than two weeks after his arrest with his son Safaa.


The sources added that the teacher is considered one of the most prominent figures in the field of education, after establishing a non-profit school in the Sayahi neighborhood of Ahwaz, the capital.


The occupation security forces arrested Al Haidari with his son Safaa, on the 19th of last May, after raiding his house. They confiscated the computers and personal phones of all members of the family, before taking them to an unknown place. It was declared that on the 20th of May, they also arrested his 14-year-old daughter, Fayhaa, and psychologically tortured her before releasing her. It is noteworthy that they have not provided any reason for  this arrest, and have unjustifiably terrorized and intimidated his family.

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