The Occupation Seizes 2 Hectares Of Agricultural Land In The District Of Lenjeh


The commander of the occupation police in Jeron, announced the confiscation of 2 hectares of agricultural land in the district of Lenjeh, south of Ahwaz. And, the arrest of its owners and the submission of their cases to the occupation courts.


Brigadier-General Ghulam Reda Jafari, claimed that the ownership of the lands belonged to the occupying state, and that their owners had illegally seized them.


Meanwhile, Ahwazi activists stated that many land seizures in the Lenjeh district are taking place under similar pretexts. And, despite the validity of the ownership documents presented by the land owners, which confirm their possession of those lands, before the time of the Iranian occupation of Ahwaz. But, the occupation authorities refuse to recognize the owner’s documents.

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