The Campaign To Boycott The Iranian Election Continues In Several Ahwazi Regions


Ahwazi activists continued their campaign to boycott the Iranian elections in several Ahwazi regions.


Several video clips highlighted various slogans relating to the boycott campaign of the  Iranian election, on the western coast of Ahwaz, the capital. This was in conjunction with the drawing of the national flag in Laleh Park located in the Khalidiya neighborhood. They attempted to emphasize the Arab identity of Ahwaz, and express their refusal to participate in the Iranian election game.


Ahwazi activists have called for expanding participation in the mentioned campaign, to boycott the Iranian election, and expose the nature of the occupation such as its repressive practices against the Ahwazis. Hence, it is imperative to avoid giving its officials any legitimacy, by refusing to participate in this fraudulent election. Because, the mullahs’ regime  exploits this opportunity to expand its domination over the occupied Ahwaz state.

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