Activists Continue Their Interaction With the Arab Boycott Of The Iranian Elections




Ahwazi activists have continued their interaction with the Arab boycott of the Iranian elections in several Ahwazi regions.


Video clips highlighted various slogans relating to the boycott campaign, written on the wall of several sites in the occupied Ahwaz. These slogans were aimed to express the rejection of the Iranian occupation, with all its tyrannical systems and practices.


In a related context, a video clip showed that an activist in the town of Al Mansouriya, affiliated to Arjan district, east of Ahwaz, burned a picture of the upcoming presidential candidate, Ibrahim Raisi.


Ahwazi activists have called for expanding participation in the campaign to boycott the Iranian elections. Additionally, to expose the nature of the occupation, and its repressive practices against the Ahwazis. Hence, it is imperative to avoid participation in such an illegitimate election, and prevent the Mullahs’ regime from having further domination over the occupied Ahwaz.

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