The occupation Establishes 162 New Settlement Units In The City Of Delmon



The occupation authorities announced the commencement of construction, regarding 162 new settlement units, under the name of the “National Housing Step”, in the city of Delmon.


According to the occupation media, it was  declared that a budget of 700 billion Iranian riyals had been allocated to this project. It is noteworthy that the project is under the supervision of the “Housing for the Islamic Revolution”, which is one of Khamenei’s institutions.


The occupation authorities have expanded the settlement projects, in order to change the demographic structure in Ahwaz. They intentionally increase the number of non-Arab settlers, through establishing new settlements. And, provide settlers with the necessary services and facilities, at the expense of Ahwazis. It is worth mentioning that Arab Ahwazi people, suffer from absolute poverty and the deterioration of services. Hence, they are deliberately forced to immigrate from their homeland.


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