Ahwazis Celebrate The Anniversary Of Martyr’s Day 



Ahwazi activists, inside and outside the country, commemorated the Ahwazi Martyr’s Day, which falls on June 13, by highlighting pictures of the martyrs on social media platforms.


The activists expressed their adherence to the values ​​of martyrdom, and redemption for the sake of freedom and the pride of their homeland. They paid tribute to the sacrifices of the martyr, addressing this occasion to the entire Arab people of Ahwaz, in addition to the families of the martyrs, through the social media platforms.


It is noteworthy that this day coincides with the anniversary of the execution by firing squad in 1964 of the heroic martyrs, Mohieddin Al Nasser, Dehrab Shamil Al Nasser, and Eissa Al Mathkhour.


The commemoration of Ahwazi Martyr’s Day, highlights the role of the martyrs in the future of Ahwaz, and sheds light on their precious lives. Additionally, it is an opportunity to praise their families, and to bless the souls of these honorable martyrs, who had sacrificed a lot for the sake of seeking freedom in Ahwaz.

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