Iranian Occupation Forces Fire Live Bullets And Tear Grenades Against Water Crisis Demonstrators 


According to Ahwazi activists, the occupation forces fire live bullets and tear gas grenades, to disperse the Ahwazi demonstrators.


The sources declared that the 26-year-old Mustafa Naimawi and Hakim Asakereh from Fallahiyah city, were killed during the demonstrations of the previous two days.

Also, the residents of the Ghodrah neighbourhood in Kout Abdullah, confirmed the death of Ghasem Hamid Al Nasseri, during yesterday’s demonstrations.


Ahwazi human rights activists revealed the case of Mehdi Jamal Al Kanani, who was injured during the demonstrations, in the city of Tester. Also, they highlighted the injury of an Ahwazi child by the tear gas grenades. However, the accurate stats concerning the number of injuries, have not yet been declared.


It is noteworthy that the deliberate plan of transferring the Ahwazi water to Persian cities in the so-called political geography of Iran, has resulted in a water crisis in Al-Ahwaz. As, the occupation authorities intend to displace the Arab Ahwazi people from their own lands, through causing drought in the entire region.


The people of Al-Ahwaz suffer from tremendous difficulties such as, absolute poverty,  displacement, discrimination, environmental crises, high unemployment, genocide, arrests, torture, child labour, insulation,  oppression, imprisonment, execution,  and etc. They peacefully gathered to express their anger and dissatisfaction with the current situation in Al-Ahwaz. But, the Mullahs’ regime uses live bullets and smoke bombs to disperse and terrorize the protesters.

Hence, the Ahwazi human rights activists, call on the UN and International Human Rights Organizations, to intervene and take immediate actions against the Iranian criminal government.


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