The Iranian Security Forces Kill 2 Ahwazi Protesters 



According to Ahwazi sources 2 young men were killed by the Iranian security forces during the  water crisis demonstration in Ahwaz. 


The sources added that Mustafa Al Naimawi, aged 26  and Ghasem Al Nasseri, were shot by the Iranian security forces, during their participation in the Ahwazi demonstrations.


They declared the security forces immediately began their campaign of arrests against the protesters. And based on the sources, the following protesters were among the detainees: Jassim Amer Mansouri aged 32, Ali Abdul Khani aged 27, Khaled Al Nuwer Mansoori aged 28, Faisal Lutifi aged 37 and Abu Ahmed Al Hayi from the city of Hayi.

It is noteworthy to mention that the region of Ahwaz is witnessing massive demonstrations, due to the current water crises. The deliberate draining of Ahwazi marshes and rivers and transferring the water to the Persian cities, has created intensive anger among the Arab Ahwazi people.


Ahwaz is well-known for its wealth and natural resources. However, the people of Ahwaz suffer from tremendous difficulties, due to the discriminatory policies applied by this regime.

They suffer from absolute poverty,  lack of water and electricity, unemployment, displacement, genocide, environmental crises, insulation, oppression, abuse, child labour, arrests, torture, execution, and etc. However, the regime’s response to the Ahwazi Arab protesters has been only live bullets.


Hence, the Ahwazi activists calls on the United Nations and International Human Rights Organizations, to take immediate actions against the Iranian regime.

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