Disturbing scenes concerning the death of buffaloes in Rafi town due to shallowness of the marsh level



Several video clips highlighted  disturbing scenes of the death of buffaloes in the town of Rafi, while grazing in the shallow pools of Azim marsh.


One of the videos revealed a buffalo, slipping into a mud pit inside the marsh. And, was removed by a shepherd from the pit, after being found dead.


Another circulated video  highlighted scenes of buffaloes suffering from serious skin diseases, which were caused by the pollution of the water and its high salinity.

In a related context, Ahwazi activists circulated video clips on social media, showing aspects of the suffering of buffaloes while searching for pastures, in the Jarayah River, at the town of Rafi, near the Azim Marsh.

Accordingly, the buffaloes were seen resorting  towards a shallow pool of mud, amid the shepherds’ fear of losing most of them. As the current crises, resulted in inadequate areas for grazing and a lack of water.


It is worth mentioning that the average weight of one buffalo reaches about 400 kilograms, and its price is 4000 US dollars. The existing crisis relating to the deliberate drought caused by the Iranian regime, resulted in the   death of a large number of them. Thus, the resulted heavy losses, are certainly beyond the owners’ endurance.

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