New Protesters Injured & Killed During Peaceful Water Crisis Protests In Ahwaz


According to Ahwazi sources, new protesters were injured and killed during peaceful Water crisis protests happening throughout the region of Ahwaz.

And based on videos circulated by activists via social media platforms, the Iranian regime is using violent tools such as live bullets and tear gas grenades to hijack the protests.


Sources declared that the 32-year citizen Hamzah Al Faraisat, was killed by live bullets,  while protesting in the Thawarah neighbourhood. They added that Hamzah got married just a few months ago.

Abbas Jouy Al Kanaani, is another victim of the water crisis protests. He was shot and killed immediately, during the protests that occurred in the city of Sous. He lived in an area called Kananah , located in the village of Beit Sharyool.


The twenty-year Mohammed Koroushat, was similarly injured by live bullets while protesting  in  Koui Alawai, and was subsequently killed yesterday in the hospital.

Mohammed Abdul Elahi, was another victim, who was killed during his participation in the protests of Edhah, in Ahwaz. And his bloody dead body was shown being carried by other protesters.


It is noteworthy that a high number of protesters have been badly injured during these protests. As the Iranian forces, begun using live bullets and tear gas grenades, since the beginning of the protests.

According to scenes shown via several circulated videos, many Ahwazi citizens have been seen aggressively attacked during the protests, and later inside their houses. And based on those videos, the signs of juries caused by the tear gas bombs were clrealy seen on their bodies. Also, a few days ago, an Ahwazi child was found injured, as a result of the tear gas bomb.


Yesterday another video showed an Ahwazi child crying, after the Iranian forces entered his house and attacked his family members.

Another video showed an Ahwazi father, explaining the injury case of his son Hasan Ghanem Al Kanani, while carrying his son’s  bloody cloth. Hasan was injured during his participation in the protests of Muhammarah city.


Additionally, one of the videos revealed the voice of an Ahwazi woman loudly asking one of the Iranian forces “Why Are You Shooting Us”, she added “Our Protest Is Peaceful”, and while being beaten aggressively by the forces, she mentioned the following three words “Land, Water, and Honour”.

The lives of the people are in danger, and the regime is clearly committing a genocide in Ahwaz. And, according to the regime’s violent detention policy, the fate of many protesters are still unknown. As authorities as usual attempt to mislead the international community, through providing falsified information via their untrustworthy media.


It is noteworthy that many injured protesters, were arrested directly from the hospitals. And  amid the genocide happening in Ahwaz, the Iranian regime as usual cowardly begun shutting down the Internet.

Accordingly, Ahwazi human rights activists, call on the international human rights organizations to intervene immediately and to take urgent actions against the criminal regime of Iran.


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