A Brave Arab Woman Chants “Land Water Honour” During Yesterday’s Water Crisis Demonstrations In Al-Ahwaz



According to videos circulated by Ahwazi activists, the voice of a brave Ahwazi woman who was chanting “Land Water Honour” was heard during the Water crisis demonstrations yesterday in Khafajiyeh, Al-Ahwaz.


The woman protester bravely raised her voice and chanted “Land Water Honour ”, amid the security forces’ attacks with live bullets. She added that “Our Demonstration Is Peaceful”, and asked “Why Are You Opening Live Bullets Against Us?”. Accordingly, one of the Revolutionary security forces was found aggressively responding to the woman. And, inhumanely attempted to terrorize and disperse the demonstrators.


It is noteworthy that the Iranian occupation government has sent a large number of armed security forces from the Persian cities to Al-Ahwaz, with the purpose of hijacking the demonstrations.


The Ahwazi Human Rights activists inside and outside Al-Ahwaz, call on the United,  International Community, International Human Rights Organizations, and etc., to immediately respond and take decisive actions against the criminal regime of Iran.










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