Peaceful Ahwazi protesters killed in cold blood by the Iranian regime forces In the city of Koura, Al-Ahwaz



The Iranian regime has continued using violent tools against the peaceful Water crisis protesters, in various cities of Ahwaz.


And despite the global movement of the countries, towards moderation and respecting human rights, Khamenie the leader of the Iranian’s regime, orders his forces to suppress the human rights in Ahwaz.

On Wednesday morning 21/07/2021, the Mullah regime’s forces, opened live bullets against the residents of Koura city.  According to the Ahwazi sources, the victims were immediately killed.


Human Rights sources confirmed that the victim, Eisa Baladi from Koura, was shot by the forces, while riding a motorbike with his friend. It was  reported that Mr. Baladi did nothing, except starting his daily work and travelling towards his workplace in the city’s municipality.

But, the  Iranian security forces surrounded the city of Koura, with military tanks and repressive forces, with the purpose of suppressing the protesters. It is worth mentioning that the protesters gathered to demand the water  restoration of the Ahwazi marshes and rivers.

Thus, The Ahwazi Human Rights activists, condemn the Iranian regime’s crimes, against the Ahwazi peaceful protesters. And calls on the International Organizations and Human Rights Council, to take immediate actions against the Iranian regime’s crimes.


Accordingly, they demand the International Community and its related institutions, in addition to the Security Council, to form a necessary committee. And, to take immediate actions against the Iranian regime and its adoption of violent tools including live bullets and tear gas grenades.

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